About Us


Rollz Gear is an American clothing company based out of  Yuma, Arizona that designs and creates Brazilian Jiu Jitsu apparel.   

We are committed to providing quality clothing and gear for the BJJ aficionado and grapplers alike that are both comfortable and functional.  Our gear features simple yet unique designs with small touches of customization.  We aim to provide all of this without putting your wallet in a rear naked choke!


We are all proud of our BJJ journey and while some of us want to tell the world, there are also some that would like to stay low key when out in public.  Many of our designs are meant scream out that you are a BJJ player while others are more subtle and may only be realized by another BJJ player.  In either case, we put lots of thought into all the designs we create and material that we source to give our customers a satisfying experience.  


No matter how different we are, on the mat we come together for a common purpose thus leaving our differences aside in order to roll.  We must accept and help one another in order to grow and better ourselves.  Thats why we believe in the motto "LIVE AND LET ROLL"